The end of Onision

Photo by Donald Giannatti 

In the past weeks there’s been videos circulating of a youtuber called Onision doing some crazy stuff. The thing is this isn’t just any random youtuber, it’s one of the most popular old school youtubers, he’s been at it for a while now and although he’s been getting little views on his usual videos as of lately, these new videos are blowing up. If you haven’t seen or heard anything from him you might think that in these clips he’s maybe mentally ill or something but Onision has said it himself that he’s just acting and it’s all faked. Even though many people who’ve actually seen him think that he may be cray cray after all and he’s cracking. It doesn’t really matter if he’s out of his mind or if he’s perfectly sane, what matters is this man is hurting others in spite of his actions.

The reason he’s posting the videos is because as of recently his Patron account has been deleted and it was his only source of income or at least the last of the known things. The importance of this subject is the reason why it was deleted, Onision also know as Onion Boy has been under the spotlight recently because of allegations of child grooming, being in a position of power with a child and then when they become legal adults convincing them to have sex. He’s even been accused of rape although those are just rumors since there is no tangible evidence. Not only has this man been accused of soliciting minors pictures scarced in clothing but his wife has been accused of the same thing and helping him convince the girls to have sex with both Onision and her.

As if it isn’t evident enough that this guy is harmful, this man also filmed his ex wife having major panic attacks and mental breakdowns. When I saw the clips of this woman fearing her surrounding and her own husband, while also this dude is making money and fame filming her. The clips are absolutely disgusting and it made me cringe all the way, until the end. This is something that was very wrong and since it happened he’s had a LOT of controversies. Most of the controversial topics have come out with supporting evidence against him. I have to admit I used to sometimes watch his videos years ago, I guess it was because he used to rate girls and I got out feeling fairly good, but now that I’ve matured I can see why this behaviour is extremely weird and not appropriate. Thank God I’ve grown since then a lot and moved on to different types of videos. Now when I go back to watch his videos they are very cringy and boring. The actual new videos are odd to say the least and I don’t know if it’s just me but recently he’s become a very negative person.

Photo by Christian Wiediger 

So, what is your opinion about Onision? Do you think he’s really harmful or do you believe this is being blown out of proportion? For me I think this might be one of the cases that if there’s smoke, there’s fire.

I wanted to share this link with you guys because it’s really interesting that the one and only Chris Hansen is actually using the platform YouTube to go in deeper to the Onision controversy. Also the videos are extremely long and he is interviewing the accusers.